Conditions of an explosions

Principals of explosion protections

  • Explosion containment           -  Design product to withstand explosion pressure.
  • Explosion  suppression          -  Install extinguishing system
  • Explosion venting                    -  provide artefacts to relieve pressure        
  • Explosion isolation                 -  prevent explosion  propagation

Explosion protections

Removing one of the element from the ignition triangle can provide explosion prevention and preclude unwanted, uncontrolled, and disastrous  explosions. if one of the three elements is missing, explosion will not happen. 

  • Oxygen is always present, (Air can not be removed)

  • Flammable substance is present due to type of work or industry (explosive atmosphere)

  • Avoid Ignition - our product does not become a potential source of ignition.


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Classification of Equipment:

Group -> Category -> Zone

Groups - Area of intended use

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Categories - Degree of safety

Equipment - Group I ( Mining)

Equipment - Group II ( non- Mining)

Zones - Types of atmosphere

Types of protections - Gas atmospheres (as per IEC standard)

*d is the most common method of protection specified for chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries

Types of protections - Dust atmospheres (as per IEC standard)

Temperature class


Safety Code explained